1/ Confirmation of Booking

A booking will be confirmed on receipt of a $500.00 deposit within 7 days of signing the relevant agreement. Bascule reserves the right to cancel a booking if the seven (7) days have passed without the deposit being received.

​ 2/ Cancellation

A deposit will be reimbursed in full if the cancellation is received within thirty (30) days prior to the function date, 50% will be reimbursed if the notice is given 30-15 days in advance. Bascule will hold 100% of the deposit if the function is cancelled within fourteen (14) days of the function date. ​

3/ Catering

No catering other than that of Bascule Function Centre personnel is permitted to be brought onto the premise at any time with the exception of a special event cake(s). No take away are permitted during or end of a function. ​

4/ Alcohol and Beverage

Bascule Function Centre proudly support and promote the responsible service of alcohol as determined by the State Government. No guest under the age of 18 will be served alcohol hence young guests should be reminded to have proof of age on them. Under NO circumstances will alcohol be permitted to be brought onto the premises. Bascule Function Centre is a fully licensed venue. Should special requests for specific drinks be required be contact the Bascule Function Centre staff to discuss. Under no circumstance will guests be served shots or spirits on ice. ​

5/ Final Numbers and Payment

For organisational purposes approximate guest numbers are required at the time of booking. To ensure maximum efficiency, final guest numbers must be confirmed seven (7) days prior to the function. A Final Function invoice will be issued within 1 day of the function being completed with full payment to be finalised within 7 days.

6/ Price Variations

Every endeavour is made to maintain prices as quoted but maybe subject to change without notice to meet unforeseen rising costs, in this instance Bascule Function Centre will contact you immediately. ​

7/ GST

All prices include GST ​

8/ Public Holiday Surcharge

All prices are subject to increase on public holidays. A surcharge of $4.00 per person is applicable to any function that is held on a public holiday. ​

9/ Special Requirements for 18th and 21st Birthday Parties

Bascule Function Centre requires party organisers are responsible for providing and securing the premises with sufficiently accredited security staff for the entire function. This is a mandatory requirement for the booking, Security Company information including certificate of currency is to be provided to the Bascule Function centre 7 days prior to the function taking place. Smoke Machines, Yard Glasses, Stripers or Striper Grams are not permitted at Bascule Function Centre. All entertainment is to be authorised in advance by relevant Bascule staff. ​

10/ Loss and Damage

The function organiser is responsible for any loss or damage to the Bascule facility including furniture, fixtures and fittings sustained as a result of the function. ​

11/ Insurance

Bascule Function Centre and its employees will endeavour to take care of your belongings however, no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage sustained to any guest’s merchandise or property prior to during or after the function. ​

12/ Smoking

The Bascule Function Centre is smoke free but should your guests wish to indulge an area is provided at the northern end of the front veranda. ​

13/ Children

Bascule Function Centre is a family friendly venue and we welcome children of all ages. The Function Centre has areas where children are not permitted by law, these include bar and kitchen areas. We ask that all children remain under adult supervision at all times and are refrained from entering such areas. ​

14/ Lighting

Lighting may be turned down but sufficient lighting must remain to ensure staff and guest safety. ​

15/ Decorations

You are welcome to decorate the function centre, all decoration are to be attached using Blue-Tac only. No glitter or confetti is permitted, should you have any questions please communicate with Bascule Function Centre staff in advance. Removal of relevant decorations and rubbish must be carried out no later than the day after the function. ​

16/ Turfs

No persons are permitted to enter the Synthetic Turfs at the Function Centre. Fines Apply. ​ ​ ​


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